Member Exclusive: Five marketing tips SMEs need to know for 2023

Member Exclusive: Five marketing tips SMEs need to know for 2023

  • Broadcast: Thursday 11 August 2022

Small businesses are the backbone of every economy, as they are a source of innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation. They are also frequent innovators in marketing, as SMEs are close to their customers, have an intimate understanding of value and are agile. SMEs do marketing that is sophisticated, not necessarily complicated.

This webinar outlines five key marketing issues that SMEs will face in 2023, suggesting ways that SMEs can identify these issues and turn them into opportunities for marketing success. CIM course director and experienced business consultant, Jonathan Deacon, will present examples of SME marketing and how some small firms have excelled in times of economic turbulence.

Watch on demand to discover:

  • Practical examples of SME marketing in action (it’s different to large firms!)
  • The role that marketing takes in SME growth (it’s more than advertising and sales!)
  • Digital marketing approaches SMEs can adopt (who says it needs to be complicated!).

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About the Speakers

Jonathan Deacon
Jonathan Deacon Course director, CIM

Jonathan is Professor of Marketing at the University of South Wales - where he leads research on how entrepreneurial firms ‘create markets’ and how SME’s can ‘go to market’ in the era of digital platforms and technically literate consumers. He consults with business and government bodies on several strategic projects, business development initiatives and the digital economy.

However, Jonathan’s career prior to academia was within business – he launched and grew a number of successful businesses and has a working knowledge of high growth businesses and new venture starts. Jonathan is an acknowledged global ‘thought leader’ at the interface between Marketing, Design Thinking and Management. He is an experienced board member and NED. Jonathan retains an interest in business and sits on the boards of a number of ‘not for loss’ companies.

For CIM, he is a course director specialising in SME Marketing and Marketing Leadership.

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