With over 90 training courses, covering a wide breadth of topics, we can help build your skills and confidence as a marketing professional. Choosing the right level of training to suit your needs is important – that’s why we offer three different levels of learning: Introductory, Advanced and Masterclass.

Plus, our individual training courses have no more than 15 delegates in each class to ensure you get the most from the course. As quality assured, subject matter experts, our trainers keep up-to-date with developments in their field, so you can immediately apply the latest best practice to your role.

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Fundamentals of Project Management

Gain the confidence and skills required to implement the essential stages of project management

An Overview to Strategic Marketing

How to match your company's resources and skills to the opportunities developing around you

Introduction to Public Relations

A comprehensive insight into the key elements of PR

Introduction to Digital Marketing

'A digital marketing 101' - Everything you need to become a successful digital marketer.

Effective Proofreading

Make sure that the copy produced by your organisation is accurate and readable

Implementing Social Media Campaigns

Build and implement a social media strategy using a combination of social channels

Introduction to Branding

How to write a great brand plan

An Overview to Marketing Planning

Use logical planning to improve the effectiveness and profitability of your business.

Email Marketing

Best practice for a core digital channel

Marketing Metrics: Measuring Marketing Performance

A more professional, accountable and scientific approach to your marketing.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics made simple.

Brand Performance

Make the intangible tangible

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